Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adoption event

So a few weeks ago, in talking with our new "dog friends," Nichole and Aaron, I signed myself up for coordinating an adoption event this summer. This was something they did at a local brewpub a few summers ago and according to Nichole, they adopted a ton of dogs out because of it. Dogs who are in foster homes, like Brian and Bella, sometimes have a harder time being adopted, because they don't get the face time that the dogs in the shelters do. They're not as "real" to people when they're just on a website, versus being wiggly and licky and something they can reach out and pet at the shelter.

So I've been working hard, with another volunteer, to get this off the ground. We start Thursday! The owner is specific that he doesn't want all or even mostly pit bulls, so I've reached out to several other rescue groups. So far we've got dogs coming from HSI, the Southside Animal Shelter (where I might add, I got my Sidney when she was a kitten, 6 years ago), and the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue. We'll be doing this weekly/bi-weekly, depending on the month. The brewpub is right by the Monon Trail, and a lot of the "foot traffic" for this event in the past came from the dog lovers out walking their dogs on the Monon, coming to see what the event and cute doggies were doing there.

Like I said, getting more involved in Indy Pit Crew, fostering, and other areas that I can help out has been such a great thing for me, and really keeps me going every day (other than being a couch potato and watching reality TV ;) ). Making a difference feels good, and I'm well aware that once I do get a job, my free time is going to be a lot more limited to do these kinds of things, so I'm kind of soaking it up while I can.

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