Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A few weeks ago, actually the day after we took Ammo to HSI, there was an urgent plea on the Indy Pit Crew message board for someone to foster a 9 month old puppy at animal control who'd been shot that morning. If no one stepped up, he'd be put down (b/c of his injuries, they wouldn't let him suffer, but don't have the resources there to get him vet care). We had an empty crate (and the rescue providing the food and vet care for him), and his story broke my heart. So off I went to pick up this guy.

Ryan quickly named him "Brian," after the dog on Family Guy (who he sort of resembles). Brian had been shot by a police officer, after he (stray) jumped up on a woman who was walking, and she fell down and hurt her ankle. We still don't know why the officer was there/why he shot the dog. He's just a puppy, and as a stray, obviously didn't have anyone to teach him that jumping up isn't appropriate. Hell, our dogs still slip and jump on people if they're overly excited.

I took Brian to the vet (who handles the rescue's vet care pro bono) the next morning, to assess his shot wounds. Turns out he was shot twice, at close range, but luckily the bullets just grazed the skin and weren't internal. Where they were located (right over his spine), if they had: he'd be dead or paralyzed. Everyone at the vet fell in love with him and were shocked to hear he'd be shot, by the cops nonetheless.

We've had Brian here about 3 weeks now, and he'll be neutered in a few days, and ready for adoption. He's just a love, a very sweet boy. Other than him trying to lick at his scabs, he doesn't have any idea (in my opinion) that he was shot. We are working on the jumping, as well as basic obedience. He's very smart, and picks up on things quickly. We've got him wearing t-shirts so he doesn't mess with his wounds (more comfortable than a "cone", and easier to keep on him). We're hoping he gets adopted quickly. If we had a giant home and property, and and endless supply of $$$, we'd love to keep him. But, that pretty much goes for every animal that comes through our house. ;) I think Brian will be an easy adoption, he has such a sweet demeanor, and a "hard knocks" story, that I think will win people over.

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