Thursday, May 13, 2010

RIP Brian

Tonight was hard. We lost another foster dog.

Brian had to go in to be temperament tested again, as the one he had about 10 days after he was shot wasn't super thorough. It's procedure for the pit bull rescue, they have to go through rigorous testing, unfortunately, because pit bulls aren't allowed to be dogs and make mistakes, or they're deemed killers, put down and have their story in the news. ::shakes head::

Either way, he failed the dog on dog part of the test. This was surprising (as was the dog on dog part that Ammo failed), as he was crated in the same room as our dogs, and they all sniffed each other when they walked by his crate, and he theirs, without incident. The rescue founder tested him with 4 different dogs, but just couldn't pass him. It broke her heart too, and she told me today was one of those days she wanted to quit rescue. It's just hard. You get attached, even when they're not "yours."

He was a good boy. He was driving us nuts the past couple of days with his barking and being kind of in a butthead puppy stage, but we loved him. I miss his snuggly little face already, and am tearing up as I write this. But, as the rescue founder said, for every Brian, there are 599 other dogs who never get the chance to make it out of the shelter, or die on the street. At least he was treated for his shot wounds and wasn't in pain, he was fed, he was warm, and he was loved. Doesn't make it much easier tonight, but I know she's right.

Here's to you Brian Pants. RIP.

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