Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ambassadog Spike

Everybody loves Spike. Now even more people get to love him, as he's earned the title of Indy Pit Crew Ambassadog.

IPC has some events, like the Pet Expo, that we are able to bring dogs to. A couple of months ago, we built a "Kissing Booth" for this event, to help showcase the true nature of pit bulls- extremely affectionate and friendly dogs. Turns out it was a major success. We got about $400 in donations, over 2 days, just from the Kissing Booth (there was a donation jar attached). The concept was perfect, and people ooohed and ahhed over it, and were greeted by dogs like Spike, who had proven themselves to be extremely people friendly, and eager to meet as many of them as possible.

Above are a few pictures of Spike, the ham, being slutty with his affection at the Kissing Booth. He even caught the eye of a local animal lover (former news anchor) who has a show on one of the local stations called Pet Pals TV. She loved Spike and kept coming back and filming him giving her kisses (and her dog too) at our last event. He was even featured on her show (only for about 3 seconds, but it was still cute).

In January, Spike will be joining the ranks of the other Ambassadogs and getting his Canine Good Citizen certificate. After that, we will begin training for him to become a certified therapy dog. This is something I'd been thinking of doing with him for awhile, because of his love for everyone he meets. After the recent passing of a friend, who spent her last few months in hospitals, being treated for cancer, it became clear to me that this is something that I want and need to do with him. If I can spend a few hours training my dog to bring a smile to someone's face, who is dealing with cancer, or another life threatening illness, I just don't know how much more rewarding it gets.

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  1. I really dig this. Go Spike! Much luck on your quest to TDI!